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Feedback from Sophie on MedSchoolGenie interview tutoring

I would definitely recommend using MedSchoolGenie if preparing for medical school interviews. I had a an interview coaching session a few days before my interview. I had requested to focus on ethical questions and role play. My interview tutor was so kind and friendly, he gave me advice which I know made a huge difference in my role play performance for my actual MMI. He had done research before our session to find out about the interview process of the university I was applying to and the qualities they look for. I ended up getting an offer from my only graduate entry medicine interview!

This feedback is from interview tutoring sessions that MedSchoolGenie provides for students preparing for MMI or traditional interviewing at UK medical schools.

As noted by Sophie, your MedSchoolGenie tutor can shape interview coaching and practice to meet your specific needs and interests.

For more information, see our MedSchoolGenie web pages listed below.

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