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Testimonial reviews and feedback

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Sophie's Feedback on Medicine interview tutoring

I would definitely recommend using MedSchoolGenie if preparing for medical school interviews. I had a an interview coaching session a few days before my interview. I had requested to focus on ethical questions and role play. My interview tutor was so kind and friendly, he gave me advice which I know made a huge difference in my role play performance for my actual MMI. He had done research before our session to find out about the interview process of the university I was applying to and the qualities they look for. I ended up getting an offer from my only graduate entry medicine interview!

Zoe's Feedback on Medicine interview tutoring

I had several interview preparation sessions, in which we discussed case studies of Medicine in the news and organisation of the NHS. A lot of what I learned came up in the real interviews, and I ended up getting 2 medical school offers from 2 interviews! I felt a lot more confident in my interview technique after my interview preparation sessions and I’d definitely recommend this to anyone applying to Medicine.

Ibrahim's Feedback on personal statement tutoring

I sent my personal statement into MedSchoolGenie twice and received a lot of helpful feedback. My character count was much too high in the first draft, and the markup helped me find words I could take out and paragraphs I could cut. The second draft helped me refine my language and make my introduction and conclusion stand out more. My sixth-form tutor was really impressed with my final version.

Ipshita's Feedback on UK medical school comparison resources

What I like about the MedSchoolGenie comparison tool is the detail about interviews and personal statements. I love how specified it is to each medical school, rather than treating personal statements and interviews as a whole...

It is also really good how the different qualifications are shown separately (A-Level / Scottish / IB etc). This is a plus point! When I used other websites, I would have to specifically look for A-Level and there would be extra info that I wouldn’t require.

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