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Schedule MedSchoolGenie MMI mock practice sessions

MedSchoolGenie mock MMIs help candidates prepare for successful UK medical school interviews

Needing to prepare for Multiple Mini Interviews as part of your medical school application process?

Our ten-station MMI practice sessions can help you practice key skills you need when invited to Multiple Mini Interviews at UK medical schools.

Structure of our Medicine MMI practice sessions

In our standard mock MMI package, we schedule a sequence of ten multi-station interviews and participants work through these as follows:

 Each station starts with a 30 second window in which interviewees read about the station they are about to enter.

 The interview at each station then lasts for 5 minutes, followed by a 1 minute break between stations (during which the interviewer writes feedback notes).

 The entire mock MMI session in total lasts just over an hour.

Online one-to-one guidance and feedback sessions

If you would like to discuss your planning for Medicine MMIs with an expert MedSchoolGenie tutor, we can make arrangements for online sessions to help with this.

Ask specific questions about your prep for MMIs.

Discuss practical feedback on your mock MMI sessions.

Receive verbal feedback on next steps for your MMI practice.

If you’re not sure where to begin with MMI prep, get in touch to discuss additional support.

Flexible pricing that suits your requirements

Because we tailor MMI interview tutoring to your own situation, our pricing is based on how much time you would like for guidance and practice sessions (including follow-up discussion).

MedSchoolGenie pricing for medicine interview tutoring
Total hours Price per hour
1 to 3 £70.00
4 to 8 £65.00
9 or more £60.00

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