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MedSchoolGenie tutoring helps candidates prepare for successful UK medical school interviews

Looking for personalised interview tutoring, to develop your skills and confidence to succeed at medical school interviews?

MedSchoolGenie can give you the edge you need to succeed at medical school interviews, whether you’re looking to improve general interview skills, boost overall confidence, or practice specific interview formats and topics.

Expert medical interview tutoring, with personal focus

Having achieved a full house of offers, our medical student tutors know what it takes to succeed at medical school interviews.

Depending upon your own interests and needs, our interview tutoring sessions can cover topics such as medical ethics, the NHS, current medical issues, role-play, prioritisation, medical numeracy, and more.

From each tutoring session, you will receive detailed verbal feedback and practical guidance from your interview tutor.

What to expect from MedSchoolGenie interview tutoring

 All interview tutoring sessions are delivered online

Our tutoring sessions focus on your particular needs when preparing for interviews at your target UK medical schools

Fine-tune your interview skills, with expert advice and personalised feedback

 Learn about common MMI stations

 Feel more comfortable with role-playing, interpreting data more effectively, and improving ethical reasoning

 Sharpen your Maths for applied numeracy stations

 You can book from 1 to 20 hours of Medicine interview coaching

 After making your request, we will be in touch to schedule and organise sessions to suit you

Our bespoke approach, designed for you

Our interview coaching is designed around your personal needs and interests, taking into account formats used at the UK medical schools where you plan to interview.

In your initial gratis discussion with a MedSchoolGenie interview tutor, you agree the plan and timeline for interview training

Depending on your requirements, your tutor then schedules in a number of sessions to help you meet your goals

As interview tutoring progresses, with detailed feedback from each session, you can adjust the focus and duration of further training however suits.

Flexible pricing that suits your requirements

Because we tailor medicine interview tutoring to your own situation, our pricing is based on how much time you would like guidance along your way to UK medical school interviews.

MedSchoolGenie pricing for medicine interview tutoring
Total hours Price per hour
1 to 4 £70.00
5 to 8 £65.00
9 or more £60.00

Feedback from Zoe on Feedback on Medicine interview tutoring

I had several interview preparation sessions, in which we discussed case studies of Medicine in the news and organisation of the NHS. A lot of what I learned came up in the real interviews, and I ended up getting 2 medical school offers from 2 interviews! I felt a lot more confident in my interview technique after my interview preparation sessions and I’d definitely recommend this to anyone applying to Medicine.

Feedback from Sophie on Feedback on Medicine interview tutoring

I would definitely recommend using MedSchoolGenie if preparing for medical school interviews. I had a an interview coaching session a few days before my interview. I had requested to focus on ethical questions and role play. My interview tutor was so kind and friendly, he gave me advice which I know made a huge difference in my role play performance for my actual MMI. He had done research before our session to find out about the interview process of the university I was applying to and the qualities they look for. I ended up getting an offer from my only graduate entry medicine interview!

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