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MedSchoolGenie helps you keep track of support options designed to increase diversity at UK medical schools

Curious about support programmes designed to increase the diversity of applicants winning places at UK medical schools?

Our interactive data table can help you understand more about relevant support options.

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By default, the table below displays a range of support options to help students from diverse backgrounds win places at UK medical schools.

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Displaying 1 - 4 of 4 Widening Access and Participation support resources

Resource name Access mode Annotations
Medic Mentor: Summer School Widening Access to Medicine
Students can apply or make enquiries directly Medic Mentor offers funded places in its 'Widening Access to Medicine' summer school programme to eligible year-12 students, who receive intensive, on-going mentoring and support to help secure places at university See more details about this resource
British Medical Association: Aspiring Doctors Programme
Students can apply or make enquiries directly British Medical Association has developed its Aspiring Doctors Programme to "encourage doctors and medical students to give back to their community by helping students from diverse backgrounds get into medicine" See more details about this resource
Generation Medics: Virtual Healthcare Academy - Scholars Programme
Students referred by organisations The Virtual Healthcare Academy scholarship programme developed by Generation Medics offers free online support to students from state-schools across the UK See more details about this resource
Medic Portal: Widening Access into Medicine Scheme
Students referred by organisations Medic Portal has developed a scheme that partners with UK schools and organisations to provide eligible students with free access to online courses and question banks See more details about this resource
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