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Our data table highlights competition ratios affecting Home and International applicants to UK medical schools

How do competition ratios vary across UK medical schools?

This interactive table provides a general overview of competition ratios faced by Home and International applicants, on a per-medical-school basis.

Important notes

This data is retrospective, so future numbers are subject to change from those reported here.

Competition data reported is from the 2019-20 admissions cycle, as confirmed by MedSchoolGenie Freedom of Information (FOI) requests from this period. For more details, see our notes below on data scope.

For another perspective on this data, be sure to check our Overview of interview success percentages at UK medical schools.

You can adjust this interactive table

By default, this table displays information about all UK medical schools. To focus only on medical schools of interest, you can filter by medical school names. To revert after applying any filter, and see all (unfiltered) results, use the 'Reset' button.

Medical school Home applicants per interview International applicants per interview Home applicants per place International applicants per place
2.0 Home applicants per interview 4.0 International applicants per interview 5.0 Home applicants per place 20.0 International applicants per place
2.0 Home applicants per interview 4.0 International applicants per interview 5.0 Home applicants per place 5.0 International applicants per place
King's College
2.3 Home applicants per interview 5.9 International applicants per interview 6.4 Home applicants per place 19.5 International applicants per place
St George's London
2.0 Home applicants per interview 3.0 International applicants per interview 7.0 Home applicants per place 13.0 International applicants per place
3.0 Home applicants per interview 12.0 International applicants per interview 10.0 Home applicants per place 34.0 International applicants per place

Notes on data scope

With interview management devolved across its various colleges, Cambridge has not reported consolidated data on interviews.

As a private medical school (not subject to FOI regulations), Buckingham has not responded to requests for information on competition ratios.

As explained in our notes on 'Home' classifications, UK medical schools counted EU applicants within the 'Home' category in the 2019-20 and previous admissions cycles.  When making comparisons with later data sets, keep in mind that UK medical schools after Brexit start counting EU applicants within 'International' category.

Due to ongoing impact of Covid-19 since March 2020, UK medical schools have not yet released competition ratio data for this period. Applicants should keep in mind that coronavirus-related lockdowns and other restrictions affected the entire UK education sector, so competition ratios were most likely distorted during and following the 2020-21 admissions cycle. MedSchoolGenie will update here when further competition data becomes available. 

For more details about calculations and data sources used here, see our notes on evaluating 'Home' competition and notes on evaluating 'International' competition

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