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Guiding UK medical school applicants through forests of information, we answer some frequently asked questions

There's a lot of information to consider when preparing applications to UK medical schools.

Our interactive resources help you filter through all this, and our answers to Frequently Asked Questions provide some extra guidance.

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Our website provides many filtering options to help you focus on just the information you need for your UK medical school applications

Category: Website usage

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MedSchoolGenie accounts help applicants to UK medical schools use interactive technology to manage key information, across multiple devices

Category: Website usage

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 By default this page shows resources relevant to all curriculum tracks. You can narrow the focus (as explained in our FAQs) to either A Level or Advanced Higher or IB scope.

 By default this page shows resources relevant to both Home and International competitiuon data. You can narrow the focus (as explained in our FAQs)  to either Home or International scope.

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