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Our bookmark tool lets you flag up and keep track of information useful for your UK medical school applications

Finding lots of information relevant to your UK medical school applications?

Our bookmark tool tracks what matters to you, making it easy to revisit useful information.

About your bookmarks on MedSchoolGenie

You can use our bookmark tool to flag up web pages on our site particulary useful when planning your medical school applications.

These bookmarks are available whenever you are logged in, via any device, and remain personal to you (they are not published).

In your bookmarks management console, you can review all of your bookmarked web pages and search for those including key words you specify.

Bookmarks in your dashboard

When logged in to a free MedSchoolGenie account, your interactive dashboard shows a brief summary of web pages you have bookmarked.

 If you haven't already registered your free MedSchoolGenie account, you can request your account here.

Here's a screenshot illustrating how bookmarks are displayed in a personal dashboard.

Screenshot: listing of bookmarks in dashboard

As displayed above, from this summary overview of your bookmarks you can easily:

Follow links to web pages you have bookmarked

Use buttons to clear bookmarks, in case you decide they are no longer relevant to your interests

Use 'Next' button to scan further bookmarks (when you have more available)

Follow the link to "Your bookmarks management console" for a complete overview and search options across all bookmarked content

Your bookmarks management console

Your bookmarks management console displays titles of all web pages you have flagged up and provides options for sorting and searching the content of bookmarked pages.

Here's a screenshot illustrating a listing of bookmarked web pages:

Screenshot: Bookmarks management console listing example

As displayed above, from this bookmarks listing you can easily:

Follow links to web pages you have bookmarked

Use buttons to clear bookmarks, in case you decide they are no longer relevant to your interests

Click on the 'When bookmarked' column heading to change the sorting order (by default, from most recent to oldest bookmarked content)

Use the "Filter by words in bookmarked pages" to search for key words included in the content of bookmarked pages

Here is another example screenshot, illustrating how filtering by key words can work:

Screenshot: Bookmarks management console filtering by key word example

In this example, when filtering for 'shortlist' and selecting the 'Apply' button your bookmarks management console displays only bookmarked web pages where this specified word can be found.

Filtering does an 'OR' search, so if you filter by more than one word the system will display bookmarked web pages containing any of your specified words

The 'Reset' button lets you clear all filters and see all (unfiltered) results

Bookmarking directly from information listings or web pages

When viewing a web page of particular interest to your research on UK medical schools, as a registered user you can add it to your bookmarks. 

Screenshot: Using 'Bookmark this page' button web page

Simply use the 'Bookmark this page' button to include the web page you are viewing in your bookmarks. 

Screenshot: 'Unbookmark this page' button on web page listing

If you decide when reviewing a bookmark that it no longer suits, you can likewise use the 'Unbookmark this page' button to remove the webpage from your bookmarks.

As illustrated in the preceding screenshots, you can add or remove web pages from your bookmarks both when viewing the pages themselves and when reviewing brief introductions to web pages in listings overviews.

Note about aggregated data

MedSchoolGenie staff may from time to time do a general review of bookmarks created by you and other registered users, and compile aggregated data to understand general trends.

For example, aggregated data may indicate which MedSchoolGenie web pages are most frequently bookmarked, how frequency of bookmarking changes from year to year, etc.

When compiling and analysing this sort of aggregated data, we do not publish your individual personal bookmarks and always take care to respect the privacy of your personal data.

More questions? See all FAQs.
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