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Our website helps you focus on A Level entry criteria set by UK medical schools, filtering out extraneous information

How to focus directly on information relevant to A Level curriculum?

If you are on the A Level curriculum track, MedSchoolGenie lets you set your global preference for the A Level curriculum. 

Our website then filters out extraneous information related to Advanced Higher and IB entry criteria — so that you can keep your focus on A Level information that really matters to you.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Check your current settings in the block entitled:  'WHICH CURRICULUM TRACKS ARE YOU INTERESTED IN?'
    Screenshot: Curriculum focus default option All
    Note: By default, this is set to 'All' so that the website displays all information across all curricula.
  2. Select the 'A Level' option to switch your focus to this curriculum.
  3. When prompted, confirm that you are OK with keeping focus on 'A Level' information.
    Screenshot: Alert to confirm selected curriculum focus

That does it!

From this point onward, after you have set your global preference for viewing 'A Level' curriculum information, our website hides most information about Advanced Higher and IB curricula. 

If you later wish to change this, simply re-adjust the 'WHICH CURRICULUM TRACKS ARE YOU INTERESTED IN?' setting.

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