Banner image: Shortlisting UK medical schools; photo by STIL on Unsplash

Our interactive shortlist tool helps you gather and compare key information about your target medical schools

Looking for a comprehensive overview of all key data on UK medical schools that interest you?

Our website's shortlist tool can help you manage key information about target medical schools, all in one place.

About your UK medical school shortlist on MedSchoolGenie

Your shortlist of UK medical schools on our website is personal to you (it is not published), and it is available whenever you are logged in, via any device.

Our shortlisting tool is designed to help you easily build or narrow down your shortlist when reviewing information about target medical schools. 

In your shortlist management console, you can compare, via synoptic overview, a wide range of key data across all of your target UK medical schools.

We hope this helps with your analysis and planning as you prepare your applications.

Shortlisted UK medical schools in your dashboard

When logged in to a free MedSchoolGenie account, your interactive dashboard shows a brief summary of your shortlisted UK medical schools.

 If you haven't already registered your free MedSchoolGenie account, you can request your account here.

Here's a screenshot illustrating how UK medical schools currently shortlisted are displayed in a personal dashboard.

Screenshot: listing of shortlisted UK medical schools

As displayed above, from this summary overview of your shortlist you can easily:

Follow links on UK medical schools names to check all key details about each shortlisted school

Use buttons to remove schools from your shortlist, whenever you decide some are no longer relevant

Follow the link to "manage and review all information" for more options in your shortlist management console

UK medical schools in your shortlist management console

Your shortlist management console helps you compare information across all of your shortlisted UK medical schools, and gives you further options for managing your shortlist.

Whereas the brief overview of your shortlist in your MedSchoolGenie dashboard simply includes links to separate profiles of each medical school that you have shortlisted, our shortlist management console displays all-in-one-place the complete data sets — so that you can more easily scan and compare key information across all UK medical schools that interest you.

Our shortlist management console also provides easy-to-use admin options for building or pruning your shortlist.

For example, here's a screenshot illustrating how your shortlist management console includes buttons to add more UK medical schools to your shortlist. 

Screenshot: UK medical schools available for shortlisting

In your shortlist management console (as well as other parts of our website), you can adjust global preference settings in ways that narrow the focus on specific curriculum and competition data sets.

For more details about how this works, see our FAQs explaining curriculum and competition global preference settings.

Shortlisting directly from UK medical school profiles

Whenever viewing separate UK medical school profiles, as a registered user you can add a school to or remove a school from your personal shortlist. 

Screenshot: 'Add to your shortlist' button on UK medical school profile

Simply use the 'Add to your shortlist' button to include the UK medical school you are viewing in your shortlist, and all key data for this school is recorded in your shortlist management console for later comparison and analysis in relation to other UK medical schools in your shortlist.

Screenshot: 'Remove from your shortlist' button on UK medical school profile

If you decide when reviewing a UK medical school profile that it no longer suits, simply use the 'Remove from your shortlist' button to have all data for this school taken out of your shortlist management console.

Note about aggregated data

MedSchoolGenie staff may from time to time do a general review of shortlists created by you and other registered users, and compile aggregated data to understand general trends.

For example, aggregated data may indicate which UK medical schools are most frequently shortlisted, how frequency of shortlisting changes from year to year, etc.

When compiling and analysing this sort of aggregated data, we do not publish your individual personal shortlist data and always take care to respect the privacy of your personal data.

More questions? See all FAQs.
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